Watching Petter be a daddy was without a doubt my favorite part of the whole journey..


Cute little girls and NEKKID people

HA! Lets see how many google hits that’ll bring in, lol! Today we went and toured the  Vigeland Park in Oslo, a truly amazing giant art exhibit. As a decently repressed American, the thought of public art that contains nudity is one the boggles the mind. Oslo is COVERED in art, each and every street corner has something amazing to look at, and Vigeland Park is a highlight of the area. Nekkid people everywhere, folks. Statue after statue, display after display, this park is covered corner to corner with stunning pieces of art mastery, all showcasing the beauty of the body and detailing man through all his phases and ages. Add clothing and no one would think twice about anything they see. Take the clothes off and every American in the area will turn purple in embarrassment,  many of them frowning and shaking a disappointed finger. But Oslo? And the sweet folks who call this place home? They just see the art for what it is; a stunning representation of humanity and all the beauty therein.

But nekkid people are still funny to me 😉

Had a great time photographing the ladies and their Pappa here at the park, there were giggles all around and a fun time had by all.


Bright Moments

I brought the girls Light Brights from home, something they’d not heard of before. Watching their little fingers play with the toys I played with myself when I was tiny was VERY cool.. they’re just lucky I let them play with them at all! I pulled it all out and began a demo that very nearly became me just playing with the dang thing all by myself, lol!!


Vestre Gravlund, Oslo

Wow. This cemetery is IMMENSE ( and apparently the largest cemetery, at 243 acres). When driving by on the train ( Oslo has top-rate public transportation, this coming from someone with a bit of a bus-phobia) it takes FOREVER to pass, which is one reason I asked to stop there after we’d toured the city. Wow. Just, wow. Saw Petter’s grandparents along with the Gypsy queen, stones so old the inscription is gone and memorials so new the flowers hadn’t wilted yet. Infants and centenarians, husband and wife, it was one of the most interesting afternoons I’ve had. A lot of it decently creepy, lol, but also a lot of beauty hidden among the sadness.



There’s a good chance I was *the* most irritating tourist in Oslo today.. there was nothing I didn’t consider for a photo! The girls went off to Kindergarten this morning and Petter took me on the ultimate tour. Oslo is AMAZING. It is insanely rich with art, there’s a sculpture or statue on every corner. Even their buildings are art, it’s just intense to be surrounded in this much attention; everything is designed to attract notice. Also, naked people. Not live people, but good grief are there a TON of nekkid statues around here! That’s a post all in it’s own, I was just all agog at how uptight the good ol’ US of A now seems and at how normal, relaxed and liberated Oslo is. It was a good thing.

Akershus Fortress was really neat to see, though next time I find a wide angle lens. Having grown up in Central Oregon and done VERY little travel in my life, I’ve not had a chance to see history like I was exposed to today. I saw ruins that were hundreds of years old ( footprints from buildings waaaay back in the Viking days) and buildings that were older than my entire home town. It was just a WHOA kind of day.



Shockingly, the weather cooperated with us! Oslo was beautiful when we flew out so of course I expected Bergen to be just ugly.. nope! STUNNING city, a super fun day


Rainy Day

This may very well be the only blue sky I see while here… Oslo is wet! But the girls are beautiful in any weather, so I’ll take it! We trekked out of the house this afternoon to view Petter’s friend’s art piece in progress. This is the girls as we waited outside the studio, pretty no matter what the weather! The SHORT days would surely take getting used to if I lived here, that’s for sure!


Ava was being silly, crossing her eyes, lol! I got to color up Amelia, she is so sweeeeet! Sat very still so I could color on her. It will never stop being insane, how very much their personalities have stuck. Ava the spitfire go-getter, Amelia the sweet, quiet, patient one. Not reserved, she was the first to offer me a big hug when I got here. Just the calm to Ava’s storm. Love them! Both of them are beyond adorable. The girls dog-piled on me this morning to help me wake up.. it was nearly 10am here, lol!! But it was PERFECT. Petter fed me an amazing instant iced coffee and the girls cuddled on the couch watching Beauty and the Beast with me, Ava begging for a good back scratch. Reminded me of Kael, he also loves a good back scratch. Super low key. It’s like visiting family… which is just exactly what it is. SO many adventures planned for this upcoming week, I’m super thrilled to be here!!