Norway, Obviously

So…. I’m in Norway. Surprise!!!!!!! Will try to update as I can, I know no one is reading over here anymore but I sure do want to keep track of everything! First, it’s so weird that it gets dark here so early, I can’t imagine spending all winter like that! Second, it’s rainy and wet… but I honestly don’t care at all; I’m here with my Weegies and it couldn’t be more perfect!


Two Years

I’m in a wee bit of denial that it’s been TWO YEARS since my last belly buddy was born. Happy Birthday, Thomas! You were the perfect grand finale. 

Sweet Tommy Boy

This amazing sunset ushered me to the Airport on September 20th..

I was absolutely blessed to be invited to spend a long weekend with Tom and his family. That boy, GAH I love him! He is just so amazingly smart, sweet, and OMG chubby!!!! and HUGE! Good grief, has he grown! It was the BEST visit, I am so thankful for my relationship with his Mama and Daddy that allows me this kind of time with their son.

Of course, the second the camera comes out he clams up, lol! But he has the TINIEST little voice! And the BIGGEST personality~! LOVE him!

Tiny Gentleman


A kiss I found in my e-mail this morning!

The men in the family lounging by their new pool in Dallas… yes, they’ve moved!!! I’m scrambling like crazy to figure out how I can manage a quick weekend visit down to see their new house and visit the little tubba-love for a bit. I miss them all!!

Just a cutie pie pic from a few months ago. Isn’t he just the most beautiful little boy?? That FACE!!! He got some more pro pics taken by Kimberly Teichrow when she was down visiting, the official photographer of Mr. Giddings, future president. Hopefully I’ll be able to weasel out some permission to share a few here, he is just SO adorable!!


Just a few pics of the ladies on vacation with their Daddy. Also, they’re holding hands in that first pic which makes me all squishy and gooey inside. LOVE THEM!ImageImageirstImageImageI love that he takes them on these adventures all the time!

Intended Parents Looking..


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She is a 36yr old CRNA (certified registered nurse anesthetist)
He is a 34yr old Graphic Designer

They live in Portland, Oregon and are seeking a surrogate. Preferrably experienced but they are pretty open to the “right” match. Three years ago She found out she had cervical cancer and had a hysterectomy. They harvested eggs cause they weren’t sure if they were taking her ovaries or not, they didnt. Her sister was going to be her surrogate, the day before their first RE appointment her sister found a lump on her breast that turned out to be cancer. So her sister had a double mastectomy.

They are a wonderful fun loving, easy going couple that is looking for the perfect match. They love the outdoors and are very active, they have no kids currently but want kids very much. They would reduce from 3 to 2, which I ( the submitter) am not personally comfortable with.

They really are a great deserving couple. Having your own insurance would be a big plus. Their eggs are ready to go and they are hoping to get things rolling as soon as possible.

They prefer to go independent and avoid the hassle of an agency. They prefer a surrogate that lives closer to them or at least near the west coast. So if you know anyone or you are interested, comment or message me and I will get you their contact information.