There’s a good chance I was *the* most irritating tourist in Oslo today.. there was nothing I didn’t consider for a photo! The girls went off to Kindergarten this morning and Petter took me on the ultimate tour. Oslo is AMAZING. It is insanely rich with art, there’s a sculpture or statue on every corner. Even their buildings are art, it’s just intense to be surrounded in this much attention; everything is designed to attract notice. Also, naked people. Not live people, but good grief are there a TON of nekkid statues around here! That’s a post all in it’s own, I was just all agog at how uptight the good ol’ US of A now seems and at how normal, relaxed and liberated Oslo is. It was a good thing.

Akershus Fortress was really neat to see, though next time I find a wide angle lens. Having grown up in Central Oregon and done VERY little travel in my life, I’ve not had a chance to see history like I was exposed to today. I saw ruins that were hundreds of years old ( footprints from buildings waaaay back in the Viking days) and buildings that were older than my entire home town. It was just a WHOA kind of day.