Ava was being silly, crossing her eyes, lol! I got to color up Amelia, she is so sweeeeet! Sat very still so I could color on her. It will never stop being insane, how very much their personalities have stuck. Ava the spitfire go-getter, Amelia the sweet, quiet, patient one. Not reserved, she was the first to offer me a big hug when I got here. Just the calm to Ava’s storm. Love them! Both of them are beyond adorable. The girls dog-piled on me this morning to help me wake up.. it was nearly 10am here, lol!! But it was PERFECT. Petter fed me an amazing instant iced coffee and the girls cuddled on the couch watching Beauty and the Beast with me, Ava begging for a good back scratch. Reminded me of Kael, he also loves a good back scratch. Super low key. It’s like visiting family… which is just exactly what it is. SO many adventures planned for this upcoming week, I’m super thrilled to be here!!