HA! Lets see how many google hits that’ll bring in, lol! Today we went and toured the  Vigeland Park in Oslo, a truly amazing giant art exhibit. As a decently repressed American, the thought of public art that contains nudity is one the boggles the mind. Oslo is COVERED in art, each and every street corner has something amazing to look at, and Vigeland Park is a highlight of the area. Nekkid people everywhere, folks. Statue after statue, display after display, this park is covered corner to corner with stunning pieces of art mastery, all showcasing the beauty of the body and detailing man through all his phases and ages. Add clothing and no one would think twice about anything they see. Take the clothes off and every American in the area will turn purple in embarrassment,  many of them frowning and shaking a disappointed finger. But Oslo? And the sweet folks who call this place home? They just see the art for what it is; a stunning representation of humanity and all the beauty therein.

But nekkid people are still funny to me 😉

Had a great time photographing the ladies and their Pappa here at the park, there were giggles all around and a fun time had by all.