Remove the Surrogacy Taboo

Surrogacy is a new concept and many people really don’t know much about it. I am looking forward to the opportunity to open up discussion! I really strongly believe that there is more then one way to make a family….. traditionally with a mama and a daddy getting pregnant because they looked at each other sideways….. with medical aid, adoption, surrogacy, single, gay, lesbian……… beautiful and happy families come in all shapes and sizes. A good friend and I were talking and she made what I feel is a profound statement.

“We don’t need to teach our children tolerance….. we need to teach them acceptance.”

What a concept. Think about it… do I merely want my children to tolerate differences? Or do I want them to embrace those differences and accept that people are diverse. There’s More Then One Way to Make a Family. And that is what I will teach my children. I welcome any and all questions or comments you may have about this journey I am on. Feel free to contact me at:

12 thoughts on “Remove the Surrogacy Taboo”

  1. I would love the password!

  2. Hey there. I left a comment under the other post. I am guessing that I am blind. I don’t see a contact link on how to email you. I learned of your blog from Dee (Bump Fairy) and have been following your story. Can you advise how we can email you for a password?

    Thank you!

  3. Uh duuuuh, I meant “Sensitive Soul” for Dee. I accidentally wrote your blog name. Whoops! 🙂

  4. I came across your blog while doing some research and really admire what you are doing. I would love to follow your journey.


  5. Hi there! I would love to visit! May I have the password please?

  6. I found you thru Lynlee’s website, may I please have the password when you get a chance? Many thanks.


  7. I am curious, are you pregnant with your own or another couple’s twins?

  8. I have been following your story through P Daddy and was wondering if I too could have your pw. I am a GS of twins due in March 09. Curious as to how the U/S went today also.. Thanks in advance

  9. Hi,

    Check this out. It’s a surrogate’s journey – with lots of twists and turns. I worked on this and we’re hoping to get it to readers who are interested in surrogacy. We welcome your comments.

  10. Thank you for your blog =). You see stories about the IP from their point of view and I decided to go looking for the Surro’s point of view and found you!

  11. reluctantmom said:

    I’m glad I stumbled on this blog – struggling to be a surrogate on my end, had 3 c-sections and can’t find an agency who I can work with.

  12. Danielle Aleckson said:

    Hi, My friend just sent me the link to your blog and it was so interesting to read. I’m getting ready to be a surrogate for some friends of mine. I am doing the mock cycle right now and we are hoping for a transfer right before christmas. I was tearing up seeing the pictures of the mom holding her baby for the first time, that was great. I saw too Dr Howell in the pics and she’s my doctor also so that was cool. I would love to hear some more about how you felt after the delivery and going home to your own family.

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