While I fumble through life figuring out where I want to take this blog, I thought I might try something new…

This blog has been a safe place for me. A place to vent and share and learn and get feedback from my fantastic readers who have followed me for the last several years. A lot of surrogates, IP’s and average Joe folks don’t have a place like this available to them, so I thought I’d open it up.

If you are a person affected by the surrogacy community, be it a surrogate, Intended parent or potential intended parent, or just someone who has a question/concern/vent about surrogacy, e-mail me at:


I will post your e-mail here, anonymously, for you to get the feedback you need. Answers to your questions, sympathy for your vents, or just a connection to a community that knows what you’re talkin’ about. Include a tag reference for your posts so that should you make multiple submissions readers following along can connect your past posts to you.