Seriously, if one more person compares a hysterectomy and pelvic floor repair to a c-section I’m going to explode all over them in a mass of flailing arms and legs. Not at all the same. Not at all. Not even a tiny bit. Only similarity is the location in body. That’s it. Three different gals have contacted me with “oh, you’re still in pain? Gee, I was up and running around like normal just [a week after] my c-section!”   Well really? Interesting! You know, I know of a dog once had a c-section and didn’t take ANY pain meds after surgery! It took you a whole week to get back to normal?? Because the two compare, right? Also! I once heard of someone who cut off their own arm with no pain medication, and you needed an epidural/spinal/Vicodin/aspirin for whatever random thing you had done? Gee, you must have a low pain threshold.

Yah, I’m just a giant weenie and you win in the pain tolerance olympics. Here’s your prize.

Finally joined a support group and am learning SO much, and am disheartened by the apparently fantastic salesman approach my surgeon took, as well as the lack of informed consent. Bummed I didn’t find the group before surgery.. I was very well informed as to what I was getting into just based on personal investigation, but there’s a whole world of information and options that I didn’t ask about/research simply because I didn’t know about it. [insert paranoid “we’re all going to die* Chicken Little here]

ANYWAY… doing okay. Just pissed off at how long this is taking, peeved at my surgeon for downplaying *everything* and not telling me about the options I may have had, nor talking about some of the specific risks to the options he gave me. ( about a THIRD of the gals on this group that had similar repairs to mine had to go in for a revision. A. THIRD.) but I could be doing so much worse… so I’m thankful for that.