Today’s the day! In about an hour my buddies brother will be swinging by to snatch me up and drive me to the “big city”. The “widard” ( the one wielding the scalpel)  will be sending me to Oz around 1:40, and by 8 o-clock tonight it should all be said and done. Not nervous about the surgery, but I am kind of *harumph* nervous, or whatever, about being there by myself. My mother will be by to visit tomorrow, but it’s not the same. I want my husband. Alas, busy family and work/school schedule means he’s needed more down here with the kiddos. He’ll be driving up to collect me on Thursday, so I’ll just have to wait till then to be totally over this *gah* hill.


Wish me luck! May my dainty bits be dainty and my jiggly bits no longer jiggle.


Side note. Woke up a full pound below goal weight today ( a total of 6 pounds less than yesterday). Alas, it was just the bowel prep, but I’m still going to take a picture to save for my nanny-nanny-poo-poo keepsake box.