Today I go in for my pre-op appointment. A three hour drive over the mountain will be rewarded with an hour and a half of peeing on random people. I’ll be getting a urodynamic study done, which means lots of fluids cathed in to this giant mama-bladder several different times, and the joy of experiencing a variety of methods to get the fluid back out.  I get to cough, sneeze, jump around, strain, clench, and be recorded on video.  It’s going to be a riot.

Anyone that knows me in real life knows how insane it is that *I* am doing this study. I don’t pee in front of people. I just don’t. Hell, I turn on the faucet to pee even when i’m the only person at home.  I literally gave myself water poisoning when I once had to take an observed pee test for employment.  I’ll birth me a baby in front of an entire college football team. No problem. But pee in front of a nurse? I don’t think so. Obviously, it isn’t a matter of being embarrassed, modest or shy ( good gawd, do any of those terms apply to me? Queen of TMI, here. Case in point; this post.)  it’s just…. one of my things. I am delicate blossom. Delicate blossoms don’t pee in front of/within hearing range of/ or ON other people. We just don’t.

Today is going to be fun.