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I may end up sharing just the most garbled birth story told in the history of blogging. Apparently I wasn’t really *present* for a lot of it, and what I do remember clearly is so tactile that there are no words to express it… so be kind! There are a lot of fantastic pictures thanks to Kimberly Teichrow Photography, and I want to share this the right way, so be patient as I gather it all together in my head. I can share that the end of my journey feels a little something like this:

In other news, Thomas is just amazing.  I have had huge luck pumping this time around so am busy every other hour manning the pumps to get the good stuff for the little man! I have NEVER had luck pumping, so this is a total shock for me. My poor husband, it’s a total shock for him, too. Woke up this morning to some beautifully bountiful full milk boobies. Husband was appropriately appreciative of their giant gravity defying loveliness and queried if I was enjoying my boob-on, appreciating my morning-boob… and then he touched them and I promptly drowned him.

He will be missed.