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Well that’s it, folks! 37 weeks and officially “full term”, although not “due” for another 3 weeks. Or more. Cletus has definitely settled  himself in, the result of which is the loss of my “worlds largest bladder” medal. I’m up in the bathroom three or more times every night. Oh the heaving and grunting to get this giant belly out of bed! Good times.. good times…

I’ve been taking a childbirth refresher class over the last few weeks that has been fantastic. Not at all the clinical true information-less version available through the hospital, it’s a course that’s being led by my Doula. Along with two other couples, we’re exploring the true emotional/chemical side of labor and delivery, and ohmygoodness is it eye opening! It also helps explain why I’ve never made it to the finish line by myself in my own personal little marathons. That crazy Pitocin, ‘effing up the perfect system set up by nature! The biggest issue I’ve had with labor isn’t the “pain” of it all, but rather the chemical “OHMYGODI’MGOINGTODIE” reaction that my body goes through. I’m scared of being scared. Turns out, the chemicals I’ve had introduced to my body in the past to get labor going have been the bad guy, there, stopping the natural endorphin reaction my body needs in order to skip the fear part and soothe it over with birthy goodness.

Y’all. I get to have some birthy goodness this time. ON TOP of new family building goodness. I’m just going to explode with the goodness of it all!!!! Squeeeeee!!

On Tuesday my husband, Doula and I will meet with my midwife at the birth center and start going over the basics of what to do, who to call when, how many mini bottles of vodka to pack, etc. It’s exciting. It means that seriously, really, I’m almost done with this pregnancy. Exciting and sad, but mostly exciting. Jaymee  flies in on Friday the 1st, I hold very still till the 9th when Cletus’s daddy flies in, and then we’re all systems GO to actually have this baby.