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So Saturday was a big day around here. Not only were there school volunteer things to get done and home upkeep things to get done ( my gawd, are my carpets clean!) but……… Jaymee and M came to visit!!!!! Super giant SQUEEEEEE!!!

After picking up Cletus’ parents from the airport I promptly dropped them off at their hotel to rest.. it had been a long day. I grabbed them again come dinner time and had a sitter for my monsters, so the four of us had a chance to reconnect without a distraction over a fantastic dinner. I’ve got to say, I lucked out in so many ways with these two as intended parents… her husband and my own are like two peas in a pod! Both with an… interesting… sense of humor that only those close to them “get”, both comfortable in their own skin and not at all impressed with keeping up with the Jones’s.. It was just awesome. I mean, I know I love them.. but it was really cool to verify once and for all that my husband does, too.  Later, after I put my kids to bed, I went back over to visit and brought with me some of the worlds best ice-cream, ColdStone. I like it entirely too much.. and more importantly, Cletus likes it as well. Because of my sugar gluttony, both Jaymee and M got to feel their little one shimmy away in my belly. VERY cool, that moment.   One of “those” moments we sign up especially for when we ride the surrogate wagon.

Sunday we spent the first half of the day in Bend at the Balloons over Bend festival. It was just a bit too windy for the balloons to launch, but that didn’t stop us from having fun! Between bounce houses, face painting, go-cart racing, and craft shopping we managed to spend the whole first half of the day tantrum free. Kids too!

Mrs. Jaymee and my very own "R" shared some face painting fun.

 The second half of the day found my family crashing at Jaymees hotel pool scaring off the other paying guests. We had fun and the kids passed out at bedtime. Totally worth the glares.

But today. Today was the day that they flew all this way to experience….and experience it we did! I picked them up late ( par for the course), forgot that I needed gas, and therefore we ended up late for our appointment… with the ULTRASOUND tech!!! Yes! Today we all got to see Cletus in action! My goodness do they have a wiggily child!! It was a seriously magic moment when Mama got to see her little one for the first time, and not on a flat still photo but wiggling and real for all the world to see. Daddy had some moments himself, which made things extra special.  We received several awesome printed pictures of the little one, but those are Mamas to share…

We went straight from the ultrasound appointment to a meeting with my Midwife. I’ve got to say again, the Bend Birth Center is fantastic. Janette, my midwife, is the most amazing woman. She anticipated all of their questions and had just the right answers, all while being just warm and welcoming and confidence inspiring… it was great. I *think* they are more comfortable with my decision to work with a midwife and birth at the birthing center now. I know they trusted my judgment before, but now I think they are more at ease with things, which really makes my heart swell. It’s such a huge decision, issues surrounding the birth of your child. I am just humbled that they are trusting me to make the right ones when it comes to their baby.

 As an aside, things are growing well! I’m actually under my normal weight gain by this time in pregnancy and BP, etc. all look great. Right on track!

I loaded Mama and Daddy on to an airplane headed back home tonight. It was just the best weekend, full of bonding and fun and friendship and babies ice-cream… lots and lots of ice-cream…. ahem… It just went so much better than I could have hoped for. Miss you already, Jaymee! Can’t wait for the big baby shower!!!!!