Grown In My Heart is hosting another fantastic carnival of posts!

We all know that pictures tell a thousand words.

We’re hoping you can tell us what your picture says in six.


■Post a picture of your mother (the one you most refer to as a mom). This could be your grandmother, your birthmother, your aunt, your sister, your biological mom, your adoptive mom, your best friend, your surrogate mom…Your MOTHER (or both your mothers).
■Include a Six-Word-Memoir with the picture describing her/what she means to you.
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■If you don’t have a blog you can email your carnival submission to us at pickelfam at yahoo dot com
■If you are not in the adoption community you can STILL enter!
We HAVE PRIZES this month


This one was hard for me, because the right 6 words are just so difficult to nail down! My mother has taught me so much about love and compassion. We had nothing growing up. No. Thing. My single mother to four children struggled alone to keep a roof 0ver our head and food in our bellies, our church and extended family helped. We were beyond dirt poor. But I had no idea. I have a childhood full of fun family memories of taking bike rides, trips to the top of the butte, days spent at the lake, cool-aid tea parties… We had nothing. But I had no idea. My mother made what we had more then enough. How do you turn that in to 6 words? But I’ve done it… here’s my entry!

Sometimes “nothing” means having it all.


Happy Mothers Day Mom! I love you!



Mothers Day is a highlight in many peoples lives, and a day of sorrow for others.  I am SO thrilled to be able to help turn someone towards that happy place through this surrogacy journey. I get to help make a Mama.  Becoming a mother was the most powerful thing that will ever happen to me. It changed me in very basic fundamental ways, in the most important and lifelong ways. I am blessed, truly blessed, to be able to play a small part in making that life altering change happen for someone else. Happy Mothers Day, Jaymee. You can celebrate for *you* this year.