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Wearing actual maternity clothes today. Whoa.


Had another midwife appointment on Tuesday and I’m just going to gush, again, at how excited I am about this pregnancy. My midwife is awesome. The appointment is personal, dignified, and just everything you want in a care provider. At no point did I have to hand someone a cup of pee because is that dignified? No, I don’t think so. Instead I pee on a test strip, compare it to a chart in the bathroom, then come out and report my findings. Dignified.

Also, and this is both good and “bad” news I suppose, I have learned why I’m so effing huge this time around. And it isn’t the midnight rice krispie treats, although I doubt those are helping. When whipping out the Doppler I made comment at how weird this pregnancy was, one reason being that by now, I can usually feel a hard ball of baby, a taut uterus. But I can’t, for the life of me, feel my fundus. At all. Depressed, I’ve just been feeling fat fat fat. Because that must be why I can’t feel it; too many layers of blubber covering it up. So she felt around, looked puzzled, and felt around again. Then put the Doppler just below  my belly button and VOILA. Instant heartbeat. A good three inches higher then it should be on my belly.

So imagine you take a quart sized zip*lock baggie and fill it to bursting with water. That’s one full bag! A tight bag, a bag that is firm and round. Take that same measurement of water ( maybe a drip or two more) and dump it in to a gallon sized bag.

Yes, you have followed my poor analogy. I have not only a nicely floppy uterus, but apparently it’s effing’ huge too. When flat on my back my fundus measures at a near 18 week mark. 18 weeks. Today we are just a day shy of 14 weeks.

That would explain it.

For comparison, 14 weeks and a few days, with the TWINS.