Well, we’ve done it. Today marks the official first day of my second trimester! Whoop and a Yay for good measure! I am happy to be out of the danger zone that is the first trimester and do honestly find myself breathing a little easier not that the bulk of the danger is behind us.  Which is just plain silly, because I had an 11.4 week ultrasound and who was a wiggle worm? Who was a bouncy little ball of cute? Cletus, that’s who! Lots of activity, a healthy heart rate, measuring just a few days ahead, little Cletus is the perfect little passenger.

I’ve been…. fine. This pregnancy has been weird to me in all ways from day one and I’m constantly adjusting to that. Normally my skin loves pregnancy. Today I’m a faceful of teenager. Normally my hair is it’s most luxurious when toting a wee one. Now? Dry rats nest. I am tired. ALL THE TIME, tired. I promise you, if I sit down on the couch for more then a minute or two I *will* fall asleep. This is very out of character for me, I have always shy’d away from midday naps as it kind of feels like a waste of the day, a waste of some very productive kid-free time. Not anymore.  Of course, these could all be *thirty year old* changes and not pregnancy changes, but I’m absolutely going to blame it on the pregnancy. Now this is not to say I’m not enjoying myself, not at all. I got a fit of giggles just the other morning when I woke to find that I could actually feel my fundus, not just the blob of fat I’m calling my belly these days. It seriously made my whole day. And any nausea I had is pretty much gone, which I am thankful for. I love being pregnant, just the idea that I’m growing a whole other person… is awesome. Worth the issues. But it is weird, for me. It’s like being pregnant for the first time, all over again. So, now that it’s not all old hat I have to wonder…. what will the second trimester bring?? And that, in it’s own, is another adventure. Bring it on.

At what point does this drawings arse get bigger? And dimpled? Because I’m thinking this is just not at all an accurate representation of pregnancy at 13 weeks…