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HAY my boobs hurt. So, you know, yay for that. Fingers crossed that they inflate a bit, mmmkay?

Also, an official announcement. The pants I wore for transfer are now uncomfortable to button. Wore them half the day, decided I didn’t like being cut in half, am now wearing stretchy gauchos. At a piddily 10 weeks. There is much sadness in the room. Am officially plump-but-also-pregnant chick. Buddy bringing an elliptical over in a week or so to live in my garage and help me reduce the plump part while retaining the pregnant-chick part. Will not admit as to my total to-date weight gain, discovered at my 2nd midwife appointment last Tuesday. But I will say that I’m betting a handful of flub that the bulk of that extra was from the Dexamethasone. Which I hated. So I only claim half the weight gain, which is still a shameful number. Gah.

Speaking of last Tuesday… was SHOCKED to see my midwife whip out the Doppler during my exam. SHOCKED. Isn’t it a bit early?? Even more shocking..the almost instant budda-bump of little Cletus’s heart heard loud and clear upon application of same said slimy Doppler. Called Mama, Cletus moved to hide under my pubic bone so she had to wait, but eventually I got to share with her the sound of her childs heart. Beating. Happy and healthy. It was an awesome moment. I teared up & blubbered, my midwife teared up and blubbered, the assistant that came in later to draw my blood had teared up and blubbered….. Note to self; bring tissue.  It seems my appointment will be filled with blubbering. Either the watery-eye kind or the jiggily-gut kind. Both require a measure of tissue.