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Little “Cletus” looks AWESOME!! Measuring exact for dates with a beautiful heart rate of 114 beats per minute, Cletus is growing just exactly as s/he should be. And… there is just one Cletus.
Also, yet another tech mentioned, with surprise, my floppy uterus. Oh, the ego boost. But I forgive her because when she learned this was a surrogate pregnancy she got all a-twitter and said whatever I wanted to do to share the news, I should go ahead and do it. I was allowed to video when normally, that’s a huge no-no. YAY for good medical workers!

Look carefully at the center of the grey blip in the middle of the black circle. See that little flicker? That right there is a happy healthy beating baby heart. Congrats, Mama ( and Daddy!) this is one big milestone to have gotten past.

Also, OMG whoa… just got off the phone with the clinic and I didn’t know it till now, but apparently last night was my VERY LAST INJECTION!!! My BOTTOM SAYS YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m off the progesterone injections, will be weaning off of the Dexamethasone, and will continue the progesterone/e2v suppositories till 10 weeks ( ick.. but at least no needles, right?!) Also…………. I am being released to my OB!!!! But you know what that really means this time? I’m being released to my MIDWIFE!!!! Yep, Jaymee & M have agreed to let me birth at the local birthing center under the care of a midwife!!!!!!!!!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!This is such a dream of mine!!! My OB is fantastic, but he is also somewhat clinical, likes his pitocin and epidurals….. I am SO flippin’ excited that I get to birth naturally this time!!! I can not wait to be in that place with this new family coming into the world. Can. Not. Wait.  So giant SQUEEEE again. If you’d like to SQUEEEEE as well that’d be fine.