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So tomorrow, at sparrows fart way before the sun wakes up for the day, I will be loading on to an airplane on a trip down to Dallas to hopefully do a little something that will make me gain a good 35 pounds. It may or may not involve sushi. I can guarantee, chocolate.

I am decently nervous this go-around. I’m hesitant to be my normal super optimistic self as that seems to bite me in the arse quite a bit, and last time it bit my fantastic intended parents in the ass as well. And their whole family. DAMN my foolish half-full glasses! I know it’s not really under my control, but I am feeling so very very pressured to “perform”. Not at all from my intended parents, but from myself. It was so easy with P-Daddy… transfer and BOOM. Pregnant. I feel like, with this one transfer failure after some faint positives, that I’ve engaged in a little false advertising of some sort. They were counting on me, all of them, grandparents and great-grandparents included, to do a little something. And I didn’t. As much as I wanted to, I didn’t. So yah, I’m kind of full of a wee bit of YOU SUCK right now, which more then likely is the reason I really don’t have much to say about the whole brou-ha-ha. I am SO excited. I want this SO bad. But. I’m nervous. I want everything to go right for my trip down this time. I don’t want to haul around another load of guilt for being so taken care of while there when I can’t even manage to do the little chore they are asking me to do. I just don’t want any more suck right now, mmmkay?

I’ve decide y’all are just going to have to be super optimistic for me, allrighty then? YOU get to have unwavering faith that this transfer will work, or if it doesn’t that that was truly what was meant to happen, or something along those lines. All the weight is on your shoulders this time around, okay? Send those positive thoughts, vibes, or whatever right this way. On Thursday I really really need to get pregnant. So you get right on that, okay? I’ll let you know when it works….