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A year ago today, I gave birth to two of the most beautiful little princesses the sky has ever seen. Ava and Amelia came screaming into this world ready for big things, and they are well on their way to getting there!

I don’t know how to express how proud I am of these two very different, very special little ladies. Ava, you are the sunshine. Your smile lights up my computer screen and makes my heart happy every time I see it. Amelia, you are the sky. Your happy personality shines through in every update your daddy sends me, and it reminds me of the simple beauty in everyday life. I love you two so much, and I am so thrilled that today, you reached a big milestone in turning one. I just know you’re taking the world by storm, charming and blessing every person in your life just by being you. This world is a bigger place than you know, and I very much look forward to watching you explore it.

I love you, ladies. Happy Birthday!

Miss Sabrina