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Started BCP’s again for a January frozen transfer. I’m kind of bla about it. It has been an insane hellish month…. transfer and being gone a full week, moving and the chaos and headache that comes with it, learning the transfer failed, dealing with a pile of extra weight from the steroids I’ve been pumping into my body, expenses, the horrifying death of my best friends 2-year-old ( a piece of sunshine that I got to meet at the moment of his birth), traveling all over for that and the insane stresses that follow, and now what the hell. It seems it’s almost Christmas time.

So yah. It’s been just unreal. Really too insane to detail, because most of it I just don’t want to think about. But! I started BCP’s yesterday to try again to make a Mama in January. And that’s all I’ve got to say about that.