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So I’ve decided to skip all the fantastic posts that have been rolling around in my head in favor of jumping right in to where we’re at now, as OMG.

Transfer was fantastic. It was a week of such caring and bonding and… well it was a magical week. On Wednesday we transferred one beautiful hatching blast, and I was very confident that things were going well!



We did all of the “lucky” things, like eating two desserts on day of transfer, along with eating french fries…. I think the goal is to bribe the little one into sticking around for a good 38 weeks, lol!




We even took the extra step to keep things a little light hearted.. Jaymee wore these fantastic finger less gloves and I wore matching knee socks! I’m sure we looked like crazy people, but it was really fun and appropriately silly for us to just have a giggle about the whole thing.

spotlight of shame

Also, since they made me wear the stupid hospital gown, I insisted that Jaymee do the same.  If I’ve got to go  all out in to the realm of ridiculous, so does she.



I flew home on Friday.. It was a long week! I didn’t plan to start testing till Monday, so of course I started Sunday. Negative, but Sunday is early. All day Monday was negative as well. Huh. And all day Tuesday. Finally super late Wednesday night I saw it! A super faint second line on my home pregnancy test!! WOO HOO!!! Thursday morning ( 8 days past 5 day transfer, for those of you counting) we got DIGITAL confirmation..


Well there is no mistaking that!! Digital pregnancy tests are the least sensitive test out there. They don’t register a result of pregnant unless your HCG count is 40-ish, so we were all very excited to get a positive there!

Friday I went in for my BETA blood work, to get an exact HCG count and confirm my pregnancy. With the single baby for P-Daddy I was…. 200 something? My old clinic was super happy to see anything over 100. But since this was a late bloomer ( I’d gotten positives at 5 days past transfer with both of P-Daddies transfers) I wasn’t expecting a high number. My guess was 108, but a more accurate guess would have been 90 or so.

You can imagine my surprise when our results came back… and it was nineteen. Yah, 19. Nineteen is NOT a good number. It’s also kind of impossible? If a digital test doesn’t register positive till 40, ish, how is a 19 getting me positive tests??!! What is going on??!! Did the lab call with 90 and the nurse taking the message hear 19? I am just so so confused.

So here I sit, 10 days past a 5 day transfer. I’m still getting faint double lines on my pregnancy tests and am out of digitals ( husband will be bringing more home when he’s done working). But even the regular two-lines pregnancy tests don’t register till 25-ish.

This was yesterday afternoon, a few hours after my body tested at 19:


Colors slightly enhanced to make that second pink line easier to see on a computer screen, but that does NOT look like a freakin’ NINETEEN to me.

So I’m confused. Baffled, even. Our next BETA draw is on Monday, so please please keep fingers and toes crossed that we get a better number then. Anything over 38 will be okay at this point…..