So.. I left for transfer, stayed a week, and during that week my husband single-handedly moved our family OUT of the rental and IN to our new home… and I didn’t get internet back till Yesterday. That is the short version. I’ve been wearing my pointer finger out updating as I can on facebook via my phone and it has been hell. Finger cramp and all that nonsense. So this may be a multi-part post to get us all back up to speed.

First, my ass. Remember my complaining? Like some tired old lady? Very very sad. Pathetic, even. Was full of shame at my weenie-ness with the injection issues. That is, till I had a conversation or deux and learned that HUH! Perhaps I’m having a REACTION! My last two cycles with P-Daddy I was using Progesterone In Sesame Oil. Somewhat thick and hard to plunge, but whatever. The new clinic gave me a synthetic version of Progesterone that is much thinner and easier to inject… however apparently my arse is going all organic on me and does not LIKE the synthetic version. Cripes, picky much?! But when it got to the point where I was walking funny and literally having trouble sleeping because of how huge the many swollen injection lumps were that I finally asked about switching it.  By the way, that is not an exaggeration. More than once I’d roll over and sit up alarmed because I’d rolled over onto a large spiked ball in the bed, only to realize once upright that duh. That’s my own ass. I am such a boob for not dealing with it sooner.

Exhibit A of my boobery:


Yes, those are my arse stretch marks. What of it? I never had bruising with any other cycle, never had this level of lumping… What the picture does NOT show, other than my actual butt crack, is the size of the lumps. Golf balls on steroids. Or something. In sweat pants you can SEE them when you’re behind me. Very very freaky.

Anywhoo, the new meds came and today is day three giving into my bottom’s need to remain natural. No new lumps or soreness, I’m guessing that within two weeks or so the old lumps should be gone.

AND……….. Greys Anatomy will be on in a minute. So a big LOL, this is actually how I’m going to end this post! Up NEXT…… Transfer week, and how the country mouse did in the big city.