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First, WHAT in the name of all that is holy was I THINKING??!! Today is day four of progesterone, and I seem to have developed a wee bit of arse-jabbing forgetfulness. I woke up on Friday to the strangest sensation of having been beat in my sleep, Saturday I was sure of it, and today is Sunday.. I am seriously dreading the upcoming arse poke. It’s not the *poke* that hurts, but the bruise to the meat when the gallon and a half of progesterone is injected. Note to self, COOK>POKE>COOK>RUB. Do NOT deviate from the tried-and-true! I’m blaming it on older lump-meat. It’s just not as forgiving as it was two (!) years ago. I had a three-hour drive ( each way) today to go up and grab my mother for babysitting purposes in the upcoming days, and I am not even joking when I say that I nearly FELL DOWN when I got out of the car, so strong was the protest coming from my left arse. Gah. I’m such a weenie.

Second… I had to find a sitter because……. we’re TRANSFERRING on Wednesday!!!!! We ended up with a FANTASTIC retrieval (26) and a statistic finger-giving initial fert. report (17) so I am very much optimistic about this upcoming event. I fly out at a nice comfortable 11am tomorrow, and will fly home in time for dinner Friday. It will be a LONG week away from my kids, and I already miss them. I know they will have a BLAST with Grambonn and may not even notice I’m gone, but I sure will. I miss them already. But I am bound and determined to relax this week, take this transfer trip for the gift that it is and let my body rest to get ready to grow Miss Jaymee & Mr Dad a baby. Also, I am super selfish. We purchased a home and will no longer be the renters that we have been for the last nine years, and I “get” to miss out on the whole mess. My darling helpful husband and buddy from heaven have it all arranged, when I come home it will be to the new house. Yes, they are MOVING me while I’m on transfer vacation. Whoa. I get to come home just in time to put everything away, my absolute FAVORITE part of moving.. that’s not a joke. Re-arranging is something I look forward to like Christmas. Also, I got to go to IKEA today and make a fool of myself in the drapery department. Can this week GET any better???