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So the last 10 mornings have looked a little something like this:

Belly Poke

Some of you know the balance that was required to get this ridiculous picture. Pinch-poke-balance-shoot ( and shoot again. damn that over flash!) plunge.  Luckily, carrying twins, albeit tiny ones, has left me with a nicely saggy pouch up front to do these AM Lupron shots, which have turned out to be a piece of cake. Super tiny needle, just a little bit of itch, no big deal. Except for the bitch. There is a whole lot of bitch in my house lately. I’ve said a lot of “because Mommy is Grumpy, and I don’t want to spank you” this week. It’s been fun.

But! Last night! We got a little bit of this!


Cooking the rump roast and warming the poke…………


With this fancy schmancy butt-cooker. Jaymee mailed me a FANTASTIC box stuffed full of feel-good-goodness, and this was one of the gifty-poos located inside. It’s a heat pack. I’ve also got a matching cool-pack and a gajillion home pregnancy tests ( and rainbow socks. Because they’re fancy. )

All of this in preparation for things like this:


The first of many dimple-place-pokes. We started Estrogen last night and am I giving a WHOOP now! I’m told the side effects of that F*^#ING awesome stuff we call Lupron will fall to the gutter now that I’ve started estrogen, and that makes me smile. A lot. Whereas before it was kind of a grimace from headache and general assholeish-ness. I’m excited. Transfer is set for the beginning of November.