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…… And I LIKED it.

Today was day one of our cycle!!! WHOOP!!! I got up at sparrows fart to shower and get ready for the day a little early, because I had a 7am appointment on Skype with Miss Jaymee and Mr. Dad!  They got to watch my twichiness as I did my first ever belly Lupron injection, and I’ve gotta’ say, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be! The needle is so thin that I really didn’t feel it, and other then some stinging/itching from the injection it’s self, It was a pretty simple easy task to undertake. Thank gawd, as I’ve got 3 more weeks of this fun stuff and I’ve got to do it early in the AM before kids wake up. I can’t piddly fart around like I do with the big Estrogen and Progesterone shots, getting up the courage to give myself the shot. ( those are BIG. LONG. FAT needles. ) There have been nights where that whole routine, with the heating and the courage grabbing and the injecting and the rubbing take me a good HOUR! So yah, this little tiny belly shot is no biggie! YAY! for first steps!