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So. We’ve got an egg donor. We’ve got a transfer calendar. And as of yesterday, we’ve got an arse-load (literally) of medications just waiting for a nice warm place to call home…. and on Sunday morning, our ride begins!



This has been such an emotional past few months, with so many ups and downs and nail-biter moments, I just can not believe that it’s almost time.




And I’ll be honest, I’m decently nervous about the Lupron, and whole change in procedure in general. I know what I did last time, and I know it worked… this is all new. I’m a bit on edge about how new it is, and how my body will respond to it. Quite frankly, the nerves have sucked the snark right out of me. ( Sorry. I’m sure the snark will return, along with regular posting, when I get the eff’ over it all.) It feels like there is just so much riding on my body and how it reacts, it’s a lot of weight to worry about. Literally and figuratively. For some reason, I feel the responsibility so much more this time then I did with P-Daddy. It may be because I’m helping a Mama, or maybe it’s just because I really know now, after Ava and Amelia, how much is riding on my bodies willingness to do what it’s told.

But more then anything else? Frikkin’ excited, dude. Yes, I said frikkin’. It is appropriate. The Fed/Ex guy showed up and I was literally bouncing around with glee. Ran right up to my room to tear apart the box and carefully comb through the contents, then ran back down stairs to fling the family in the car so that I could hunt around for the perfect organization for all of my new *toys*.



I had *so* much fun with this. Separating everything out, organizing it by item, then need, then ability of my children to access it and compromise the dog with it’s contents…..

Sunday. This show gets on the road officially on Sunday. Whoa, guys. I am totally gonna’ to make a Mama.