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Gah. Miss Jaymee is broken. Or more likely her geneticist is ( or soon will be, if I get my hands on him). Turns out, after waiting TWENTY FREAKIN’ WEEKS, that miss Jaymee doesn’t have a “dirty” gene to cause her Von Willeband’s disease, but actually just has a pile of genes missing. Huh. You’d think someone would have tested for that at some point. I am just SO angry on her behalf. All this time wasted!

There will be no transfer in September.

Jaymee will dump another twelve gallons of blood into a bucket and ship them off to Europe, where the proper test will be developed in order to find the absence of a gene, rather then trying to make a test to find a “dirty” gene. We will ( fingers crossed ) hopefully have an October transfer. More then likely a November transfer.

I’d back up if I were you, my head may explode all over the screen.