I’m totally stealing this idea from a fellow IComLeavWe writer….

Animated. Seriously, spend two seconds in my presence and you’ll be fending off flapping hands.
Babies. I love how they smell. Not just my own, all babies have this amazing smell. If it weren’t offensive I’m sure I’d just go around sniffing other peoples children.
Children. I have two and have birthed four. I have a thing for children.
Dog. I have one. His name is Muppet and he’s a poodle mix & the smartest yet most dopey animal I’ve ever owned. He drives me bonkers.
Education. I never went to college although I did passing well in high school, and I’m not sure I ever will. My passions don’t seem to lead that way, so only time will tell.
Family. My biggest passion and most favorite advocacy platform.
Grown In My Heart. The awesome adoption/alternative family building website I’ve begun writing at.
Home hunter. After years renting, my family is on a quest to be home owners again, hopefully this fall!
Infertility. I was very briefly touched by this little blend of hell and it made a profound difference in how I see the world.
Jaymee. The woman I hope to help make into a Mama, and someone who inspires me.
Knotts Berry Farm. I am a closet adrenaline junkie and LOVE the roller coasters at Knotts. I can’t wait for my children to be old enough to go!
Lupron. I start injections in just over a month and am nervous. Pathetically nervous.
Mother. It’s more then just raising children, but is so all-encompassing that there is no better way to describe it.
Nincompoop. Oh come on. It’s a fun word!
Optimistic. Not only is the glass always half full, I’m sure I can find some “happy” around here somewhere for your glass as well..
Photography. My favorite artistic outlet. I’m not great, but I love it so much that the quality isn’t that important.
Queen of the Mess. I’m not a tidy person. Actually that’s wrong. I, myself, am rather tidy. But my children and husband are not. So my house is in a constant state of mess. And I am the queen.
Restless. I’ve moved 15 times in the last 11 years. I just can’t seem to hold still, although I have told my children that our next home will be our “forever” home ( so I’ll aim to stay put for at least 5 years)
Surrogacy. My newest passion and something I’m excited I’m able to do.
Twins. My beautiful surro daughters, twins, were born on December 29th 2008 and I love them to pieces.
Unconditional. The love I have for my husband. There is nothing, literally nothing, that man could do that would dent my love for him.
Vampires. I am pathetically addicted to the Stephanie Meyer  vampire series. It’s a very sad thing. I read the books at least twice a month.
Writer.I’m not great, and I’m definitely not frequent, but when I get the right inspiration nothing gives me a creative outlet like writing.
X-Linked Ichthyosis. A genetic condition my husband suffers that lead to a vasectomy after my son was born ( and unknowingly contributed to our problems TTC in the first place)
Yackity-yak. I like to talk. A lot. My favorite way to pass down time involves a glass of wine and a buddy to chat at.
Zihuatanejo. Where husband and I went for our pre-wedding honeymoon and were literally chased off a neighboring property by guards with guns. Scary.