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Just wanted to send a word of caution out there to any surros or intended parents who are using or are considering using this insurance company. My surro twins are nearly 5 months old and I still have a large medical bill in their name due to nonpayment by New World Administrators. I am being aggressively pursued by collections agencies. I have been told on three separate occasions via e-mail and phone that “the bills have just been received for re-pricing and the checks will be mailed out with this weeks payments” and no payments have actually been sent. I was first assured of this two months ago. My phone calls and e-mails for this latest round of collections notices have not been returned.
I have been in contact with a group of surrogates who are also having problems with this company and we are considering banding together to form a class action lawsuit/ consumer fraud case. I welcome others who have had these issues to contact me so we can see what we can do together to get this resolved.