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So.. Sorry about that. The whole “lets not blog at all about stuff” kind of thing I pulled there. Not at all like……… No, actually wait. That is just like me. Never mind, not sorry.

So! Am told the girls are developmental geniuses, thanks entirely to the fact that my gestational abilities are beyond reproach. Or some such nonsense. Amelia happily holding up her head, Ava close behind her. Am uterine Gawd. Pedestal of own creation. Am literally glowing with pride and get way too much joy out of the frequent pictures sent to me by P-Daddy. Thankful isn’t a big enough word. OK really, I sound so full of myself. Sorry. It’s just, they aren’t my babies and I’m not raising them so this tiny fragment of connection is the only tie I have to claiming some of their awesomeness for myself. Which I’m totally not entitled to but gah. Gonna take it anyway.

Also! Contracts! My fab IM and her weird husband ( and I & my equally weird husband) have diligently had many a belligerent conversation via phone and Internet and voila! Law teams arse kicked! Contracts just about done! By this time next week we will more then likely have things all signed away. Can I get a Whoot and a bit of a squeeeeeeeee??!!

Big worries about going independent? Pshaw. Actually I never had any big worries, I just  feel like I was supposed to have big worries, you know? I mean yes, things can ( and maybe did a little) get awkward. We are, after all, discussing compensation, terms of termination, life support, and syphilis. Yes, I said syphilis. Yours truly gets to have a full and detailed STD panel run to make sure the junk is all in order. Which, of course, it is. See reference to deity status of uterus, above.  But! Just to make things clear! Well get an official diagnosis of gawd-like quality of other bits and pieces involved in this process. Independent? Shmindependent. Cake, so far.

However, next up in super-fun things happening? Myself and my patient husband will soon be taking an epic vacation to the city of sin to partake in some of said sinfulness ourselves. No worries, my status as clean uterine gawd is not in jeopardy. However, my liver may suffer a wee bit of a setback as I fully intend to spend my first vacation with the husband away from the kids in a near constant state of pickle. They have alcohol by the yard in Vegas, did you know that? Giant cup that clips on to a necklace so you can get so drunk that you don’t even need to hold your beverage up??!! Awesome. It is a reconnection vacation of sorts, and we need it. My daughter is nearly five, the last year and a half of surrogacy was a wee bit straining, and dang. Not pregnant or nursing. Am going to imbibe in my overdue share of hedonistic activities. Thanks.  Do the silly grownup acting like a silly child thing. Am very much looking forward to it.

And then? Then? You’ll never guess what happens……………. ha ha ha, teaser post! And knowing me, it could be WEEKS before I fill you in!!