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Because this was a twin delivery I was required to deliver in the operating room. As soon as I was fully dilated and effaced ( my gawd that was quick!) the group was ordered to gown up and we all headed in to the OR. It was definitely odd being the only one not dressed as a MASH extra, and incredibly surreal to be laboring in such a sterile, bright, busy, medical kind of place.  It was somewhat out-of-body for a bit there.


I was scooted on to a narrow operating table, stirrups were placed, and within minutes I was contracting and pushing. One push got her all the way down, crowning. She was such a little bean! But between that contraction and the next our little Ava had quite the decel, she shot down to 60 and stayed there. Suction was quickly applied and with the next contraction our little feisty fighter was born.. well most of her was, anyway! She was screaming and punching the air before her whole body was even out in the cold! Sassy from the first moment, she had awesome APGAR’s of 9 and 9, but everyone in the room was surprised as to how small she was. At our 35 week appointment she was estimated to be over 5 pounds in weight…. and that was 3 week of fattening up before her birth! Some major miscalculations had occurred that no one was prepared for. Despite her tiny size, Miss Ava was nicely plump with a little meat on her tiny tiny bones, so she’s just a tiny girl, not a malnourished girl. That definitely put me at ease.

Her birth was so quick I think it was a little bit of a shock for poor P-Daddy. When she was mostly born I remember calling him over when I’d noticed that he wasn’t beside me but still standing back a bit soaking it all in.

When I first contemplated being a Gestational Surrogate there were a few things that I wanted to see, live through, experience. That moment? That absolutely perfect moment? When a new family is created and a new father is born? That was the moment at the heart of my decision. I selfishly wanted to be a part of that moment for someone, I wanted to see it, experience it with them.

At 3:40 on the afternoon of Monday, December 29th, P-Daddy met his daughter Ava for the very first time. And I will forever be blessed to have been there for that moment.

The Birth of a Father; Ava enters the world.

The Birth of a Father; Ava enters the world.