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Ava and Amelia are beautiful. That new little family is beautiful. Right now, that seems to be all I can focus on, so I will get the birth story out, it will just be in bits and pieces.

To start…….

As you all know I had very much wanted to have a “natural” labor with these two. My OB, on the other hand, was VERY insistent on an epidural. Because of my birthing history ( fast! ) he was also very insistent as to how soon I get that epidural. Grrrr. So I was allowed to labor naturally for a while.. well as naturally as one can on Pitocin.. then he broke my water. I was three centemeters dilated.  At that time we also placed an internal monitor on Ava’s head to keep track of her pulse rate. I was allowed to get off the bed and bounce on my birthing ball because her rate was nicely documented for the staff, so  YAY to no more being stuck in bed laboring!! Alas, soon after I was dilated to a 6 so an epidural was ordered. Luckily I had an AWESOME anesthesiologist who gave me a super light epidural.. a compromise with my OB.  I had laughed and joked with the peanut gallery in attendance earlier in the day that we’d have the babies by 3:45, but I got that epidural at 3pm and was only dilated to a six at that time……. so you can imagine my surprise when, half an hour later, I could very clearly feel a little head pushing back at me! I’d had a handful of great doozy contractions but because of the light epi and the past few months of constant BH contractions, I hadn’t really paid attention to all the smaller contractions I was getting. I sent my husband down the hall to get the nurse, as that rectal-pressure feeling is quite clear. She checked me and yep! Fully dilated, fully effaced, baby head RIGHT THERE!! It was time to gown up and head to the operating room, go have some babies!


Left to right: Best friend Franay, my goofy yet indispensable husband, and P-Daddy all  ready for the action!