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*What if I “give in” and don’t put up a huge fight about getting the epidural? Will I feel ashamed/regret about that decision later?
*What if the nursing staff make this unique situation feel awkward? Shuffle myself, my husband, or P-Daddy to the side?
*What if I get nauseous and throw up?
*What if I feel too embarrassed to labor naturally with others in the room?
*What if I feel too embarrassed to labor with pain meds and others in the room?
*What if there is a problem with one of the ladies?
*What if I have to have a c-section?
*What if I poo on the table??! ( I have been sick…..)
*What if I don’t get good photos to document this grand finale?
*What if I do? Am I allowed to glory in them?
*What if having the post-baby body without the…baby… is totally depressing?
*What if nursing twins is just too hard.. physically, emotionally? Will I beat myself up about that?
*What if I’m embarrassed ( because damn, am I awkward at first) nursing the ladies?
*What if it all goes perfectly……………
*What am I supposed to do, be, advocate for, dream about, live……… tomorrow? Is it OK if I don’t know, right now?