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Well dang! I was sure my sucky luck would have me in labor some time over the last two weeks of illness, but WOO HOO for Mother Nature and her insight to not have me giving birth while all nature of other things are flying out of my body. That’s right, folks… I think the sick is past!!! Other then a little sore throat and a super sexy “smokers” voice, I’m feeling pretty good! With Christmas behind us and all of that activity done, the only thing left to do is have these babies.
On Wednesday we had our regular weekly checkup. Both girls still wiggly, Ava still head down, Amelia still sideways. I was still only about 2+cm dilated but she was sitting much lower, which my bladder will confirm. My gawd, how much can a person pee in one day?? Miss Ava turns her head, I pee. Hiccough? Pee. I’ll let you just use your imagination about what all the coughing and sneezing has done. My lovely OB was kind enough to to a mini-strip of my membranes on Wednesday which has left me a little crampy ever since. I’m still having contractions, like, all the time, but now they are feeling a little bit more productive. This is great news, because on MONDAY MORNING I will be going in for an INDUCTION!!!!!!!!!! And the further along I am on my own, the less the horrifying Pitocin has to force my body.

That’s right, folks! It’s official! Monday is the day! Tune in, and all of that junk, because I plan to use my hospitals awesome wi-fi and live blog the event. My best friend evah’, P-Daddy, and my darling husband will all be in the labor room with me, hopefully following my strict instructions and goofing off while I’m in labor, posting updates as they happen. Check-in is at 7:30 ( barring any huge influx of ladies the night before and there being no rooms left) and I will be going straight to Pitocin. Cytotec/Cervidil aren’t used for twin inductions. I’m also going to go ahead and totally ruin things by saying that I really don’t think it will take long. As soon as my water breaks, I give them an hour, tops, to make their appearance. My OB is know to AROM earlier in the game… so I’m thinking babies for lunch? Anyone?