I have a head cold. Joy. Top that off with the *seven times my two year old has vomited all over himself/those around him and you have the makings of a fabulous day.
OB appointment this morning was.. boring. And at this stage, boring is good so I won’t complain. Down a pound ( to be expected; where would I put any food??!!), fundal height at 43, high praises given for how fat and happy the babies are ( measuring at “average on target” for SINGLETONS. Which is awesome and huge for twins. ) and lots of sympathy for the return of the acidic hell that has been this pregnancies heartburn, no longer deterred by my beloved Prevacid. P-Daddy spent the day on the road, up to the big city to fix his passport issues ( damn you, poor glue quality of yesteryear!) so today has been quiet. Well, other then the sweet sounds of vomit hitting the carpet.

*Nine. Nine times; twice more in the writing of the above paragraph.