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Today I am 30 weeks 2 days pregnant, and BOY do I feel it!! It was a busy day; here’s the rundown…..

This morning I had a “regular” ultrasound. I get one of these each month to measure the girls’ growth and position. Both girls are measuring near target, but there were some issues. Ava has a tiny belly. Her head is right on track, but her belly is a week or so behind. Amelia has a tiny head. Her belly is right on track, but her head is a few days behind. Both ladies were transverse and both have some aging on their placentas & are showing some small signs of stress ( the size issues are one of them). Good news is that they are both very similar in overall size and weight, with Ava being right at 3 pounds and Amelia being 3 ounces more. Both girls are very active, have great heart rates, lots of fluid, and are continuing to grow ( averaged) at a regular pace.

I have been having BraxtonHicks contractions quite a bit with this pregnancy, but my cervix still looks great. Just in case, my OB sent me over to the hospital to do some NST’s while he tried to get a hold of a Peri to go over my questionable ultrasound results. While there on monitors, it turns out that I’m having at least 2 contractions every ten minutes…oops! I’ve become so used to them that I don’t even notice the “little” ones any more. I ended up spending the better part of today hooked up to monitors. For two hours we measured the girls heart rates with the contractions ( looking good, minor if any decels) then, after a short lunch break I spent the next few hours just hooked up to the contraction measuring monitor. Thank gawd. Those little ladies are SO squirmy it was quite the fight to keep those little pitter-patters on the monitor!

 I also got a Fetal Fibronectin Test, which happily came back negative. After establishing the negative test and seeing that the contractions, while still frequent, were somewhat less after a big meal, I was sent home. I’m on a “rest”. Not bedrest, just advised to rest ( and eat; apparently I need to gain some more weight, as do the ladies) until my OB can get a full consult with a Peri to see what we need to do about the placentas and stressed little ladies.

It was a long day but I happened to have my laptop with me so I wasn’t completely bored. I also managed to get all of my pre-admit paperwork done so that when I’m actually in labor ( at least 6 weeks from now, dammit.) I won’t have to deal with any of that headache! Ooh, ooh! More good news! Darling husband DIDN’T have to go on any of the forms!! WOOOO HOO!!!!! Now P-Daddy will just be adopting from me, and the original birth certificat won’t be a compete lie with my husbands name as father; that space will be left blank until the State of Oregon can fill it in with P-Daddies name. (insert girly squeeeee here!)

So that’s the update. I should hear back from the peri about what may need to change tomorrow. Until then I’m just taking it easy, making my husband wait on me hand and foot and demanding bon-bon’s hourly. You know, for the girls.