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While P-Daddy was here for his visit he stayed in Daughters room. Because of that, nap time was spent cuddling with Mama in my room, which was awesome.

I hadn’t brought up the babies to her yet. She’s almost 4 and just barely grasps the whole “baby in belly” concept so I didn’t want to tell her about them until it was both very obvious (um HELLO! Huge belly now!) and easy to grasp…. as in, she’d met P-Daddy. One of our afternoon cuddles seemed like the perfect time to let her in on the fun.

She has been really interested in “family” for a while now. One of her favorite games is to ask who my cousin is, or to tell me that Grambonn is my Mom, and Grammie is my “Grambonn”, etc. This can go on all day as she lists off people she barely remembers and tries to fit them into our “family”. She was telling me all about how she was my baby, and that Brother was my baby, and how Cousin M was Aunt’s baby, etc…. so I leaned over and whispered to her

“Daughter…. do you want to know a fun secret surprise??!!”

“WHAT IS IT!!!!?” she yelled back.

” Do you see my big belly? It’s so big, isn’t it! Well guess what! You know how ladies can grow babies in their bellies? Like how I grew you? And how boys can’t grow babies in their bellies? Well P-Daddy really wanted to be a daddy. He REALLY wanted to have kids that were all his own. But he CAN’T!!”

WHY???!!!” she seemed outraged on his behalf. Hearing that in my head still kind of makes me giggle.

“Because he’s a BOY!! And boys can’t carry babies in their bellies, can they?! So guess what. I’m growing his babies for him!! Isn’t that neat! There are two babies in my belly right now! They are two girl babies, and they are P-Daddy’s babies! And I will grow them in my belly until they are big enough to come out and go to P-Daddy’s house! And maybe he’ll let you hold them when they come out of my belly before they go to their home with their Daddy, won’t that be FUN??!! Then they will be  part of his family!”

“Yes! And I can hold them and I can sing to them and I can pat them on the head! SOFTLY!”

“Yes! Maybe you can!”

And that was it. She quickly changed the subject to how funny her kitty was. I am very glad it went so smoothly, I was worried that she wouldn’t really “get” it. Since then she regularly pats “the babies” through my ever growing belly ( “softly, Mama. You pat babies softly.”) , likes to rest her head on my belly when we watch TV together so that she can “hear” them, and asks, a billion times a day when P-Daddy will come back to visit with her because she REALLY likes him and when is he coming to get his babies and are the babies ready to come out of my belly now and are they growing big big just like her and can she maybe hold them and pat them softly when the babies come and are they ready to come now? how about now? now?

Can she sing them a song?

So, um yah. Daughter knows about the babies! And she knows they aren’t ours, that they won’t live in our house, and wow, my belly sure is BIG, huh?! It’s not much of a secret any more, and I couldn’t be happier about it!