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Well our big 20 week appointments have come and gone, as has P-Daddy. He arrived on Wednesday and flew home at sparrows fart on Monday morning. My kids couldn’t have BEEN more thrilled at his visit. Seriously. My daughter has a new “Prince” now and my son has been weeping over the loss of his best playmate EVAH for days. We all very much look forward to his long visit in December.

As far as medical mumbo jumbo, I’m up a total of 13 pounds ( woo hoo!!!) my pee looks yellow and sugar free, and both of the babies are happily head down in a wee bit of a diagonal configuration. Oh. And that other thing. You know, the picture thing? Here, I’ll just show you……………….

In the waiting room……………………

I think I have some introductions to make! I’d like to present the babies formerly known as Dolce and Gabbana. Readers please welcome to the belly Ava and Amelia, two of the soon to be most spoiled little girls a home has ever seen. Yes, that’s right! P-Daddy is having two GIRLS!!!!!! I am so excited for him!! Ava, the baby on the top picture who is on the bottom of the belly, weighs in at 11 ounces. Amelia ( sitting on top of her sister in real life, in the lower picture here) is slightly heavier at 12 ounces.Β  Both girls are VERY VERY active so the ultrasound scan took a while, but oh my gosh. Two. Wiggly. Girls!!!! Totally fun.

After the ultrasounds and appointments Friday, we HAD to go out to dinner to celebrate. And since I’m the fat one that needs to gain weight and eat lots ( yay yay yay!!!!) I got to pick, so of course we went to Mexican dinner!!!

I ate an obscene amount of food. You know, for the babies.

And had me one of these:

Because an absurdly pink drink was definitely called for ( sissy style.) My husband and best buddy joined us and we had the best giggly meal, it was awesome!

Since we knew who I was carrying, some insane shopping was absolutely necessary. Saturday morning I packed P-Daddy up and we headed to the city to get his shop’ on! We started out our journey with a nice frosty brew:

and drove up to Portland where we picked up my mother. Now she’s never met P-Daddy so I’m not sure what she expected.. but I do know that she loved him! I also know that she confided in him that she wore a DRESS while away on a paddling trip, a wee bit of info she hasn’t shared with any of her children. Because she was so open with him, we decided to confide a bit in her as well. That’s right, you’ve all guessed it. We’re actually super secret agents.

Or just a little strange. You take your pick.

We all went out to Olive Garden where I once again ate too much ( was too busy stuffing my face to take pictures, sorry) then headed over to Babies-R-Us where the real fun began!! Clothes and playpens and this and that and OOH look over here!!! It was insane. But heΒ ended up with a cart full of the basics and a good start to fluffing his nest when his little ladies come home.

A long drive home saw us both passed out in bed within minutes of unloading. It was a great day in the city and a great visit with P-Daddy overall. An awesome weekend, I am SO glad we got to spend this time together. Now it’s just a countdown to December when we get to play again and oh, right, have some babies!!