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A happily uneventful OB appointment today. I’m up a total of 10 pounds ( woo hoo!!!), fundus is measuring at 23 weeks, and the babies; they are a wigglin’!

I love my OB. He knows how paranoid I am about them so he books me in the ultrasound room every time. We listen, then we look. They both look great. Dolce is head down, body on my right side. Gabbana is transverse with her head by Dolce’s bottom, feet to my left. All baby on my right side, left side kind of empty. My belly even LOOKS lopsided, tee hee! They were having a bit of a nap so weren’t super active on the ultrasound, but you could still see them stretching around in there! We discussed the plans for delivery a bit today and I expressed again my wish to go as naturally as possible. He likes to have an epidural for his twin patients for a few reasons; baby b is commonly a c-section delivery or flips transverse after baby A delivers and needs to be manually turned. Both of these scenarios really require an epidural. We’ve compromised and I have agreed to have an epidural catheter put in, but it will just be taped down until/if I need it. Aiming for not needing it, of course, which he fully supports. This means that a large part of my labor can not be in the labor tub. That sucks as laboring in the tub was a comfort with my sons’ pregnancy. But at least the first part can be! He also insists on constant fetal monitoring. Yah, no. We will come to a compromise on that issue as well, but I’ll save that debate for a little later, LOL! He has agreed to let me go as long as my body is able, with daily checks after 38 weeks to make sure the two are doing well if I make it that long. However he’s never had twins make it that long so it was an empty promise on his part, but I plan to surprise him! My next appointment is just before Labor Day weekend, and P-Daddy will be here to go with me. We have the big 20 week gender revealing ultrasound in the morning and a meeting with my OB that afternoon. Wheeeee!!! Still fumbling out how I’m going to entertain him for his visit but, I’m not too worried.

I haven’t been sleeping very well and have some nasty acid reflux, which  prompted me to go ahead and scour Craigslist for a recliner. It arrived this morning and it is SO comfy! For the first time in more then a week I managed to actually sleep during nap time, propped up on my new chair. We’ll see if I even make it to my bed tonight. The big trick is going to be keeping my little monsters off of it. So far we’re doing well. It is, after all, Mama’s special chair. I highly doubt that will last long though, my two are pretty tenacious!