Things are chugging right along here in twin-land. I had my 14 week appointment last week and both of the wee little ones were looking great! I even got a bonus in-office ultrasound done just to reassure myself of their existence. I’m also down half a pound. Huh. I eat constantly, but I can’t seem to fit as much food in the ol’ luggage case as I used to so maybe that’s the difference. I’m in maternity clothes full time now, but my belly really seems more food baby then wriggily babies. Soon I’m hoping they will have a growth spurt and I’ll look a little more pregnant and a little less “lay off the candies”.

I got a call from my OB about the blood work from the BUN scan. “Things all look great!” but really that doesn’t mean anything. I was surprised at the call though. I have to go back to the lab in a few weeks to get the 2nd half of the blood work completed so that we can get the official results. I’m not worried.

OK so I know I have a ton of really fancy topics to discuss, but I seem to have lost my mojo. I’m tired all the time. I’m really putting in extra effort to make sure my kids get the full 100% due to them and because of that I really don’t have much left for anything else. Creative writing? Pishaw. I’d rather sit quietly with a mind numbing book. Make dinner? With, like, real food? Um, can we just have soup? The energy, after playing and entertaining and breaking up fights, is just not there. Lucky for me, Husband is changing his work schedule. In a month he’ll be home at 2:30 every day. I can NOT wait. Granted, he’s also going to school full time but many days it will really feel like I’ve got some serious parenting help around here and right now that sounds divine.

Our big 20 week ultrasound has been scheduled for the end of August. P-Daddy will be flying in and staying with us for several days, and we are all really looking forward to that! He will be sleeping in Daughters top bunk which, to her, means that Chirstmas, her birthday, and all things good have all happened at the same time. What can I say, the girl loves to share! BOY is he in for some culture shock! Now all I have to do is come up with some sort of.. entertainment. If any of you locals have some ideas there, feel free to pass them on!

OK I’m done now. Someone is screaming and I have to pee. This is me leaving.