We’re just at 14 weeks pregnant and I thought it might be fun to share what the ol’ internet has to say about things!


By twelve weeks, your once called embryo is now called a fetus. At twelve weeks each of your developing babies will weigh approximately 20 grams. At the beginning of week 13, each of your twins will resemble the familiar tadpole looking image! Although the babies do not have any obvious organization of movement yet, if seen on ultrasound you will notice reflexive motions. By 16 weeks the twins will each weigh around 120 grams! What amazing growth! They will also reach a length of about four inches long. By sixteen weeks, the devloping twins can swallow and the kidneys begin to operate. The production of urine by the fetus contributes to the amniotic fluid. Your babies are now beginning to show some control over its environment.

In most pregnancy, nausea should be diminishing or may even be completely gone. You should be enjoying a hearty appetite. At times you may feel ravenous and that is okay. Follow the dietary guidelines that your caregiver has given you and enjoy nourishing your babies!! If you are still experiencing cravings, that is fine, but do discuss any extreme cravings with your doctor. You may need an additional supplement or vitamin.

Vaginal discharge that is white and creamy in texture is common and should not be cause for concern. Any discharge that is any color besides white or is associated with other symptoms should be reported to your caregiver.

You may notice that you are not getting as much sleep as you are used to. Your sleep can be disturbed by the need to urinate, increased dreaming, heartburn or other reasons. Find a comfortable position and try to get as much rest as possible. It is hard work to carry a twin pregnancy and you need to be fair to your body and let it rest often.

One twin at 16 weeks Many women complain of an increase in headaches. If you experience severe and/or frequent pain, you should report it to your caregiver. Do not take any type of pain reliever without the consent of your caregiver. Try a relaxing bath, calming music, eating and drinking often, rest in a darkened room or a soothing compress over your eyes. Hormone production may cause migraine headaches. Many environmental, food, hormonal and lifestyle triggers cause migraines. Avoid air pollution, smoke, fumes, bright lights, alcohol, aspartame, caffeine, chocolate, dairy products, fatty foods, MSG, nuts, and physical exertion. Depression, stress and anxiety can also lead to migraines.

At this point of the pregnancy, maternity clothes are probably a must. You may be outgrowing your pants as your waistline expands. Moms of multiples experience this earlier. Maternity bras are very important also. Purchase or borrow clothes that will last the entire pregnancy.

Swelling of the feet is a common complaint also. The extra weight in your abdomen has the effect of increasing the curve of your spine. Wearing athletic shoes and propping your feet up throughout the day should alleviate discomfort.