Officially “large and in charge”. I’ve been squeezing into my regular pants, tugging down my regular shirts, stretching out my regular hair ties ( on the pant buttons) and finally, enough was enough. I’ve emptied my closet of anything considered “pre pregnancy” that can’t be worn immediately post-pardum and unpacked 4 giant totes of maternity stuff. This is quite a bit earlier then with my previous pregnancies but hey, there are two in there and I started out a good 5 pounds heavier this time. And I can’t stop eating. That, too.

The family spent the weekend at a local State Park and my husband was quite the fast thinker, snappng a few belly pics for me to share. The belly; it is not huge. But it is definately present. Soon I’ll be body pillow shopping and forcing myself to sleep only on my side.

Oh, and did you notice my boobs are huge? Yes. Thank you Pregnancy Gods, for blessing me with my first set of pregnancy boobs. I never got them with my kids, I just got HUGE nursing boobs. Well thanks to my son I had these nice large empty sacks left over from his nursing days and these twins? Hate to see anything go to waste ( this includes food on a plate. “the babies” just won’t let me waste it) so sent me a little hormone boost and VOILA! Huge knockers. They would be even more fabulous if I didn’t have to kill anyone who might touch them. Husband has agreed to enjoy from afar ( the knee to the groin that one time kind of convinced him of that wise choice).

So there’s your update! I’ve another OB appointment next week ( Wednesday? Thursday? huh…) where I’m sure I’ll come back and piss and moan about all the weight I’ve packed on thanks to our friend Snickers. Prepare yourself for whining.