Yesterday was the oh-so-exciting NT scan. The short? These children are looking WONDERFUL! The long version looks like this:

Dolce is to the left, Gabbana to the right. You can see the top of Gabbana’s right hand just below the word Head, and *her foot to the right of the word.

Dolce lounging. You can see the top of his left hand just in front of his nose with a hint of his legs/knees over by the word “body”.

Dolce ( heartrate of 147) had the hiccoughs the whole time, likes to kick, and keeps headbutting his sister ( babies are head to head) when he stretches out his little body.  In the second picture he has his right arm over his face in a very dramatic pose.. you can see arm, elbow, and hand over forehead.



Gabbana ( heart rate 160) kept sticking out her tongue and rolling around. You can see her little mouth open in the top picture with her left hand near her face and the hint of her legs.  When her brother bumps her she throws up her hands, which you can see in the bottom picture. He stretched out and bumped her ( you can see his head to the left) and she threw up her right arm in response.

BOTH babies are incredibly active and responsive. They both tried to hide from the ultrasound wand…
Speaking of the wand… YAY I didn’t need to be scanned vaginally!! While my food baby is huge, apparently it’s mostly intestine that flops behind my uterus when laying down, so we got some decent detail on top and didn’t need to go the other way. WOO HOO!! It was an hour and a half scan, so my cooch is thankful.

I’m showing. Well, i’m fat, but it’s displaced fat caused by the babies, so I’m showing. My fundus is measuring at 17 weeks, I’m up a total of 5 pounds, and I can’t fit in my pants anymore. My first clue that this isn’t all fat but that I’m actually growing these babies? My belly button started hurting. That stinging/stretching hurt it got with my childrens’ pregnancies that means things are stretching out.

The thing that really made it all real?

Yesterday Gabbana kicked me. Three times. One during the ultrasound ( which I got to see AND feel) and twice more last night while laying on my side in bed. At 13 weeks I’m being kicked.

It’s amazing.

Soon Dolce will get in on the action ( he’s slightly behind Gabbana to the rear so if they stay that way it will be mostly her that I feel) and my easy time of rest will be over.

I can’t wait.


*No, we don’t know the genders. I’m guessing, but I’ll bet I’m right!!