Just a few days ago the insurance coverage purchased for this pregnancy at a premium price notified us that as of the 26th of June there were no longer any providers or hospitals in our area still in contract with them.

P-daddy paid a LOT for this insurance. More then some people make in a year. And now? No one here will take it. Or they will take it, but are not a “preferred provider” so the insurance only pays out a small portion.

This, quite understandably, concerns us. But the insurance rep and our agency rep who refuse to give us any answers, promise call backs but don’t follow through, and string us along? Make us angry.  OK, well it makes ME angry. I assume anger on the part of P-Daddy.

“Oh, we’ll help her find another provider!” Yet oddly, according to their provider search website, there isn’t one. In all of Oregon.

More to follow. Bottom line, things are quite the clusterfark right now, and we really don’t know what to do about it. He’s already purchased the coverage; it is his. He purchased it for more then the normal care and delivery bills will be ( a “just in case/emergency”) policy.  And now? It seems to be somewhat useless.