And all’s well!! Had an OB appointment this morning ( I get to go every three weeks rather then four because of our extra passenger) and D&G are looking great!! Yes,  Dolce & Gabbana are the official twin references we’re gonna use. Why? Because I said so. Plus I wanna own and wear a D&G t-shirt and this gives me a great excuse to do so! And if you’d ever met their father you’d totally understand. This is a man who I personally watched spend more then $200 on a pair of pants ( with HOLES in them!) just because they made his butt look fabulous. And they really did, but I digress….

Dolce ( baby on the right, A) is ever so slightly to the rear so we had a tough time nailing down a heartbeat. We could hear it, but it was pretty muffled by my own booming sound, so we just listened to it in the background, all happy and regular, before moving on to Gabbana ( baby on the left, B). We found him right away, a nice regular strong little pitter patter. My uterus is measuring nicely, if a tiny bit small although it’s really early to be making that kind of statement, I think. I’ve put on a total of 4 pounds so far which is right along where I should be, although I’m just carrying a four pound food baby right now.

The BUN scan has been rescheduled for July 7th. I was going to go in today, but with the babies measuring ever so slightly tiny at the last ultrasound I felt it best to re-schedule to a time frame when their little bodies would be well within the size/age requirement, rather then on the fringes, so that we could get a more accurate result. Actually that is kind of a joke. This scan, while neat, has a high false “positive” rate, and that is with singletons! The percentage gets even higher with multiples. But we WILL be able to see all of the bits and pieces, make sure in detail that all things are present ( and I do mean ALL things. Although I am forbidden to look below the belt as that surprise is saved for the 20 week scan with Daddy, party pooper), and get a ballpark idea of our risks for certain issues, which is good.

So that’s the body update! More to share, but I need to gather my thoughts. One issue? Insurance and how those con-men were brilliant to have come up with that load-of-pucky idea to force piles of money out of unsuspecting people. Not ~quite~ fraud, but damn close!