Well my 8 week appointments have come and gone, and we are now on the cusp of week number 9. Our ultrasound on Wednesday showed two healthy little babies wiggling around with happy little heart rates of 171 ( on the left, I’m guessing girl) and 154 ( on the right, I’m guessing boy).

It was definitely reassuring to see them still going strong in there, despite the daily reassurance of nausea I’m currently living with. Oh the nausea. No actual throwing up, thank gawd, but some definite urges to barf pretty much from sunup to sundown. I have been gobbling up my Preggy Pops like no ones business. I’m NOT complaining. But dang, y’all! And the TIRED. I could just sleep all day. I have never been tired like this, and it’s actually had the biggest effect overall. Lucky for me, my darling husband lets me sleep in most morning and he gets up with the kids. Big smooch to the husband!

On Thursday I had my first appointment with my regular OB. I was ever so slightly hesitant to use him when I first became pregnant last time, but his behavior when we lost that baby and his subsequent behavior has completely blind-sided me with it’s awesomness, so I am really pulling for him this time around. He was great on Thursday, giving me yet another ultrasound even though it was unnecessary just so that he could thoroughly explain to me all that he was seeing, something my RE’s office doesn’t to. From them all I get is “the babies aren’t dead, keep taking your meds as scheduled” and that’s it. While I understand that that message conveys the most important piece of information, it would be nice if they’d treat me a little more like the woman hosting and caring for these babies for the next 30 weeks and less like the womb they are working with, here only for the paycheck. My OB, on the other hand, is awesome. I had a great and relaxing and looooong visit with him and we discussed everything, from pregnancy woes to future hopes to delivery options and breastfeeding. My town is tiny, and I will only be able to deliver here, at my preferred hospital, if I make it past the 36 week mark as they are not equipped with a NICU. If I have to deliver before 36 weeks, I’ll go to a neighboring city. I do NOT want to do that, for several reasons. One, I’ll more then likely be discharged way before the babies will. That means visiting them will be more difficult as it will be a trip to the big town ( read: time consuming and money consuming not to mention more difficult to arrange childcare for my two for the visits), which means breastfeeding or pumping for them those first few important days will be more difficult. That hospital also has the normal “big hospital” practice of laboring in one room, and recovering in another. In their case, 2 floors up. Because there is a room change, there is the possibility that the babies, if not needed in the NICU, would be in a room separate from me with their daddy. That thought scares the crap out of me. I’m counting on those few days to say my final goodbye’s. To nurse and give that final gift, to very thoroughly close the door to my part of their lives so that I feel like it was a complete journey. I just really want that. If we are moved I might not get it as legally I have no tie to these babies. I know P-Daddy is incredibly empathetic to the closure needed by a surrogate during that time, and I know he’ll do whatever necessary to facilitate that, but I’m scared that in the “heat of the moment”…… well he’ll be a new daddy! And he’ll have his support system there! I can totally see how it would be easy to be overlooked at that moment… Anyway, crossing my legs till at least 36 weeks, because these babies need to be born here!

Speaking of being born; I will be doing everything, and I mean everything, to have a vaginal delivery. My OB is on board with this. That is just awesome. I know of several OB offices that deliver twins via Cesarean as a standard practice, not really giving a vaginal delivery an option. I also know of several OB’s that won’t deliver a breech baby vaginally, will force a c-section. Not my OB! I am so thankful to have him so thoroughly on my side.

Anyway, that’s the update! Up one pound, still totally queezy, still completely pregnant! I have another ultrasound at 10 weeks, an OB appointment at 11 weeks, and a BUN test ( Biochemistry, Ultrasound, Nuchal translucency) shortly after. Woo hoo to the THREE hour estimated vaginal ultrasound!!.