It was with more then a little nervous assertion that I walked into the ultrasound clinic this morning. A week full of Google searches had kind of convinced me that I was carrying a twin Molar pregnancy. Last week? Two smallish and empty sacs. A molar pregnancy would explain the empty as well as the nausea.

So imagine my surprise when the ultrasound tech almost instantly located the following:

That would be two babies. Two babies, with beautifully beating hearts. As in, alive. Present and accounted for. Measuring right where they should at 6 weeks 5 days, with lovely little heartbeats at 114 and 123 beats per minute, well over the desired 100+ beats.

As of today, I’m pregnant. Pregnant with two little Norwegian/Latino babies who are destined to break hearts the world over with their incredible beauty and wit.

I have yet another scan NEXT week, and one again 2 weeks after that at 10 weeks pregnant. Heartbeats each time, okay? That would be just super!

Coming up; nausea, and how cat farts don’t help one little bit.