Bladder bursting, I went into my ultrasound appointment this morning with more then a little nervous twitching. My tech was very nice, if somewhat aloof. After stripping my better half ( No. “M” wasn’t there, MY better half.) and settling on that oh-so-comfy table, she got to work. Kidneys? All present and accounted for! Bladder? PRESENT! (“do you need to go empty your bladder some??!”). Hmmm….. fetal sack, yes ..yolk…..Yes.

And Yes again.

Two baby beginnings? Check.

What we didn’t see? Heartbeats.

Each sack is measuring a few days early. 5 weeks 1 day and 5 weeks 3 days. Today I am 5 weeks 6 days pregnant. It is a notable difference this early on, especially when we have a minute of conception so do know exactly how “old” this pregnancy is. Conclusive? Far from it. It isn’t unheard of for babies to measure differently in the beginning. Ours just do so against our exacting calculations. Not to worry, things look great for this stage of pregnancy ( assuming the pregnancy is 2-3 days younger then we know it to be). My RE isn’t worried, but has scheduled me for another ultrasound next week so that we can SEE those little pittering hearts.

The tech and I both think we saw them; the tiniest little flicker on the edge of the bean shaped black bubble that is the fetal sack. There was a flicker. It was there. In both of them. But the flicker was just too small to say for sure that YES, that is a heartbeat. So we’ll wait yet another week.

You must know that this is killing me. I needed heartbeats today. I just…. did. And while I know that they probably are there, waiting yet another week to find out is just  mean.

But I promise to forgive them if they are pitter-pattering next week!