So. Had my quantitative HCG blood work done this morning. An easy fast poke in the elbow-pit. We got the results back pretty quickly considering how slooooooow this lab has been for me in the past. P-Daddy was pretty anxious about the number being, you know, present, so I was pretty anxious to have a number to pass on to him!

Today is 10dp5dt. That is the standard time frame my RE likes to use for a first HCG. They like the number to be over 100. If the number is over 100 at this point they consider it a healthy pregnancy and there is no need to re-test in 48 hours to make sure that number is doubling. Last time, we were at 239. That was a great number on a perfectly normal and healthy pregnancy ( as far as we could see, anyway).

Today’s number?

580. Yes, five hundred and eighty. That would be almost exactly DOUBLE what our singleton pregnancy with these same genetics produced. Double. More then one. Like, two.

Ha Ha…………………….. huh.

OK! Well, we have a 6 week ultrasound scheduled for May 21st and we’ll know for sure then. We could just have a high HCG producing baby here! Or, twins naturally reduce to a singleton all the time early on in the game, which we definitely are. Or I have two wonderful and healthy little ones snuggled in safe and sound, and I get to nurture and care for them for the next 36 or so weeks before they go home with their ecstatic Daddy.

Really, all of those options are wonderful and all in all, I’m thrilled with today’s number.

Folks, I’m pregnant. And I am determined to remain so for at LEAST the next 30 weeks.

I’ll worry about carrying two and delivering two when that becomes an issue. Right now, I’ve got to go get a snack.

I am growing a family, after all.